The Thomas D'Arcy McGee International Forum is organised by the Ireland Canada University Foundation, in partnership with a voluntary committee from the community of Carlingford, Newry and surrounds.

Guided by values shared by Canada and Ireland, and by D’Arcy McGee’s vision for an inclusive and tolerant society, this is a forum where academics, artists, political and industry leaders can come together, to discuss common challenges and to explore shared opportunities.

Attendance is limited to 150 delegates, in order to optimise opportunities engage.


Since 1995, the Ireland Canada University Foundation (ICUF), a Charitable Trust, has supported research exchange between Canada and Ireland. With funding from the governments of both countries, as well as corporate and philanthropic support, ICUF has provided research travel awards to over 400 Canadian and Irish researchers and scholars, with the mission of supporting the development of the rich network of connections between both countries.


The organisers would like to note the generosity of Carlingford Heritage Trust, and the assistance of the team there, including Sheila, Joanna and Denise in their support of this event.  

Director: James Kelly

Advisory committee:

Andy Peters
Anthony Russell
Jamie O’Callaghan
John J Kelly
John McNerney
Kieran McCourt
Patricia Morrissey
Tommy Fegan
Wilbert McKee

To contact the D'Arcy McGee International Forum, please email mcgee @