'New beginnings'

15th – 17 August 2018

These are challenging times, globally. No doubt about it. It is in challenging times, that we must look to our friends, for friendship, partnership, to find ways to build, to share the journey, and to thrive.

Welcoming Prime Minister Trudeau to Dublin in 2017, Taoiseach Leo Varakdar spoke of how.. 

"... Ireland and Canada share the same outlook... we believe in multi-lateralism, free trade, respect for personal liberty, the value of diversity, the benefits of migration, the need for climate action and openness to the world..."

There is always opportunity in times of change, and considering the great friendship and shared values by Ireland and Canada, the 2018 D'Arcy McGee International Forum has chosen the theme:

"Canada and Ireland - exploring new beginnings in uncertain times"

Speakers will address this theme, with talks and discussions taking place along the following sub- themes;

  • Perspectives on the shared imagination  
  • Perspectives on reconciliation
  • Then and now - exploring equality and change in the centenary of Women's Suffrage
  • Minority Languages in the C21st
  • Perspectives on Borders, identity and conflict

A number of cultural events and performances will take place across both days.



Join the conversation!

Attendance is kept low to ensure all attending have the opportunity to engage, to allow conversations to develop over the three days. Come along, and join the conversation!