About Carlingford


The beautiful and historic town of Carlingford is perfectly situated for visitors coming from overseas. Just over an hour’s drive from both Dublin and Belfast areas, the town and surrounding area has a great deal to interest visitors, from elsewhere in Ireland as well as from overseas.

Carlingford it is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Ireland. Named by the Vikings in the 9th century, the town was and later settled by the Anglo-Normans, who were the architects for the medieval town layout we see today, with the strikingly beautiful King John’s castle dominating the harbour. 





The international Forum takes place in the Carlingford Heritage Centre, a beautifully restored, deconsecrated medieval church located in the centre of the village. For those who choose to stay in Carlingford Village, this is within comfortable walking distance.

Traveling FROM Canada

Carlingford is a 70 minute drive from Dublin airport. Air Canada operate regular direct flights to Dublin from Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Carlingford is 85 minute drive from Belfast International airport.


Traveling from dublin

From Dublin City centre, it is an 80 minute drive to Carlingford (outside of rush hour traffic). There are bus services from Dublin to Carlingford, more info here.